Amity Tours Staff

Stephanie Carmody
Sales & Reservations Agent

Stef is our Sales & Reservations Agent. She has a Masters degree in Environment Studies from the University of Melbourne, Australia. She is in charge of our Sales and Bookings in Pucon and our other destinations. She loves outdoor activities and has worked throughout Chile as a guide with luxury hotels.

Erika Plominsky
Office Manager

Erika is Chilean and originally comes from our capital city Santiago. She is an active “dog lover” and now lives in Pucón with her husband and daughter. Erika is in charge of all the administration of our main office, and holds a degree in Accounting and Administration from  Duoc-UC University.

Flora Colihueque

Flora is our wonderful accountant. She is originally from Pucon, where she continues to live with her family. “Señora” Flora proudly belongs to the Mapuche People, Chile’s largest Indigenous group.

Deanna Sverdlov
General Editor

Deanna is from California and loves active travel and local organic food. She visited Chile in 2001 and kept coming back year after year. Now she lives in Pucon with her Chilean family. She has traveled many times from Atacama Desert all the way south to Patagonia,  writing the itineraries of Amity Tours and all the information about our tours.

Benedikt Hora
German Market Manager

Benedikt is German and lives in Valdivia with his wife and daughter. He is a PhD candidate in Geography at Universidad Austral de Chile. “Bene” loves biking and hiking, and he is a true Chilean micro-brew beer connoisseur. Born in Australia from German parents, Benedikt reflects the best of German and Aussie culture. He is in charge of our relationships with the German speaking market.

Alejandro Levy Jr.
Audiovisual Developer

Alejandro ‘Jano’ is a Camarographer from the Universidad Mayor, Chile. He is in charge of developing audiovisual promotional material for Amity Tours.


David Joos
Tour Guide

David is originally from Belgium and lives in Pucon with his wife and kids for more than a decade. David is one of our most complete guides. Besides been a Firefighter who specializes in car accident rescuing, David is also a certified mountain guide and a whitewater paddle sports instructor.  He loves kayaking, biking and run triathlons, specially the IronMan of Pucon. Like any person from Belgium, he is a big fan of beer.

Guido Schilling
Mountain Tours Guide

Guido is Swiss and an International Mountain Guide. He has been in Chile for more than ten years, and now he lives in Lican Ray with his wife and two sons. He is the head guide for the Skiing & Trekking trips and leader of the tour guides staff.

Patrick Zurkinden
Tour Guide

Patrick is originally from Switzerland, and lives in Villarrica with his Chilean wife and kids. Apart from his beekeeping family business, Patrick really loves sharing his vast knowledge of Chilean culture and nature with all our guests who come to discover Chile in our Hiking tours.

Ernesto Araneda
Tour Guide

Ernesto is Chilean. As a professional cyclist, he has vast experience of more than fifteen years, holding the title of mountain bike national champion in 2010. He guides our bike tours in the Lake & Volcano District.

Gonzalo Montoya
Tour Guide

Gonzalo is a professional mountain guide and a wilderness first responder. He lives in Pucón with his wife and daughter and is one of our best hiking guides. Cristian, our founder, recruited him when Gonzalo was his best student at Pucon’s Tourism Community College.

Ruben Paillalef
Tour Guide

Ruben is one of Amity’s top guides. He was born and raised in Pucon. He loves adventure sports and his hobby is to run adventure races and triathlons. He proudly belongs to the indigenous Mapuche community and knows all about  our local flora and fauna.

Bernardo González
Driver & Assistant

Bernardo is a great guy. He was born and raised in Pucon. He likes to play the accordion and knows all the backroads in the Lake & Volcano District. You will see him driving the van, helping you with bike mechanics and also making our fantastic picnic lunch.

Orlando González
Driver & Assistant

Orlando was born and raised in Pucon and he is Bernardo´s brother. He knows all the backroads in the Lake & Volcano District and is very good at spotting wild animals. You will see him driving the van, helping with bike mechanics and also making our fantastic picnic lunches.

Eduardo Alfaro
Brand Manager

Eduardo, is our Partner and Brand Manager, he is our Graphic Designer & Web Developer. Creative Director of di-zen! a Creative Design Studio from Spain. In charge of  the Amity Tours brand, social networks, online reputation, visibility and all our side projects.

Germán Pino
Product Manager

Germán is our Partner & Product Manager for European Market, has a Master Degree in Tourism Business Administration. Actually he is responsible for developing new business with European clients and designing the best strategic alliances with tour operators.

Cristian Levy
General Manager

Cristián is our General Manager, has a Master Degree in Tourism Business Administration. He is in charge of developing the programs offered by the company. He also is our Product Manager for North American Market responsible for developing new business with clients and strategic alliances with tour operators.

Alejandro Levy
"The Boss"

Alejandro is our Ground Operations Manager. Alejandro, “The Boss” is Chilean and a former engineer. He lives in the city of  Temuco and he is the founder and leader of this wonderful organization.